[WriteLog] WriteLog 11.27 Update for Icom Clear RIT

Steve Woodruff steve at n9oh.com
Sat Jul 4 12:30:58 EDT 2015

Hi Folks,

There has been a tiny change in the 11.27 release of WriteLog.  It was
re-built to include an updated Clear RIT command for Icom rigs.  If you
don't use the Clear-RIT macro on Icom rigs, you can ignore this minor

Are you affected?
- Anyone that has not yet installed 11.27 will get the new Icom rig
driver when downloading version 11.27.
- Anyone that has already installed 11.27 (either from the full kit or
the upgrade) and that wants the new Icom behavior, needs to go to the WL
download page and install the upgrade installer: 

If you already installed 11.27 but you're not sure whether you are
affected or not, it doesn't hurt to reinstall 11.27 again using the
latest upgrade installer.  :)

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  


Steve N9OH

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