[WriteLog] Setting up Writelog for the DMC contest

Ross Biggar rbiggar at ihug.co.nz
Sun Jul 12 16:31:13 EDT 2015

I am trying to learn how to use  Writelog and I would like to use it in the DMC contest next weekend.
So I need some help with the following queries.

(a) I understand that if I have a call in rittyrite, which is in the normal grey print (or even highlighted) , I should be able to click on it to put it into the log sequence. Howver this does not happen, at the moment the only way I can get a call into the log sequence is to type it in. 
So what am I doing wrong.?

(b) In the block with seq, rcv,  etc there the space for power. Where in Writelog do I set that power so it fills this space it self without me having to type in 1000 for every call?

(c) I am using MMTTY, with XMMT.ocx, is it possible to also have a 2Tone display as well as MMTTY (so I can compare the 2  decodes and if so how do I do it.?

(d) Is there a contest setup for the DMC contest, and if not how do I set up the contest "header" so the cabrillo file will have all the necessary information.?

I am gradually learning Writelog, but as you can see I have a long way to go, so I am sorry but there will be more questions I am sure.  One of the major advantages I see so far with Writelog, is that the information coming in on Rittyrite, scrolls down the screen, making it easy to see what is happening.


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