[WriteLog] Setting up Writelog for the DMC contest

Ross Biggar rbiggar at ihug.co.nz
Sun Jul 12 22:29:18 EDT 2015

Firstly, thanks to both of you, Dean and Gary, the advice you both gave has proven very very helpful.
Gary, yes with the Flex 6700 , it is nice to run 2 large monotors, it makes everything much easier, but I would not have guessed that Rittyrite has to be on the main screen, ( actually I had it on the 2nd screen.
Dean, the DMC contest is the Digital Modes Contest, this weekend and the format is 599 plus sent nr, starting at 001.

Well I have all my macros setup, and I am receiving perfectly, with 2tone and MMTTY, BUT all I have to do now is to get the DAX transmit audio to the 6700. I am putting the 6700 into transmit mode, but until it gets audio there will be no signal out.

Best wishes to you both

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