[WriteLog] SO2R problem

Rob K6RB k6rb at baymoon.com
Thu Jul 23 15:29:05 EDT 2015

Yesterday my WriteLog app stopped supporting SO2R. It no longer switches between radio 1 and 2 when I press the up or down arrow keys, as it used to do. Before I started ripping into connection issues, I lit up N1MM+ and it works just fine. So, I know I have no problem with the K3s, DX Doubler, the COM adapters and the connections.

I have not changed any of the port assignments, or any other parameters. I do see the emphasis switch from radio 1 to 2 when I press the arrow keys, but the sound of the relay is not present, and the TX LED on the DX Doubler does not switch – nor does the keyed radio.

Any suggestions?

Rob K6RB

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