[WriteLog] Fail to self-register WLCM_SM6SRW_050220.EXE

joeduerbusch k0bx at arrl.net
Sat May 9 12:26:57 EDT 2015

Sorry for taking up the band width with my problems, but I downloaded and
tried to install WLCM_SM6SRW_050220.EXE and WLCM_DL1EFD_080414.EXE but I
get the following error message:  "Fail to self-register
WLCM_SM6SRW_050220.EXE".  So the installation failed.
I am using Win8.1 64 Bit.  I could manual register each dll if they were
extracted from the installation program.
This is the first problem I have had with Win8.1

Joe K0BX

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