[WriteLog] Icom 7600 V2 firmware update

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Sat May 23 01:01:27 EDT 2015

This reflector has been stone cold quiet regarding the new firmware update 
for the IC-7600 released by Icom earlier this week.  I for one am anxious to 
find out if there is anything in the works regarding an upgrade to WriteLog 
that will make some of these new features available in my favorite contest 
logging program.

Specifically I am interested in a the new CI-V command that allows the RIT 
function to be reset to zero.  The %O command has never worked for Icom 
radios as the commands to perform that action have been missing from the 
Icom command set.  Now, for the IC-7600 at least, the necessary commands are 
available if the radio has the V2 firmware upgrade installed.  So, when can 
we expect a new IC-7600 radio driver file or a keyboard shortcut command 
that will allow us 7600 owners to use this new function?

Gary AL9A 

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