[WriteLog] CW speed indication question

Steve Jarrett k4fj at k4fj.com
Thu May 28 14:25:31 EDT 2015

In previous contests I have used the Alt-F9 and Alt-F10 commands to change
my cw speed down or up and was able to see the change near the Entry window.

In setting up for the CQWPX  CW contest this weekend, that speed indication
is missing, but using the Alt F9 and Alt F10 commands, the speed does
change.  I can use Alt-K to open a CW Keyboard window but that is not what
I want.

How did I lose the indication?  How do I get it back.  The speeds are
correctly entered in the Setup menu.

I have pulled up previous years' files and it is all there.  Just the new
log file that I created today.

I use digest mode, so please reply directly to k4fj at wildblue.net.

73, Steve, K4FJ

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