[WriteLog] An unknown error occurred while accessing (log)

Keith Beebe W3KB keith at w3kb.net
Sun May 31 19:52:00 EDT 2015

I also have occasionally received the message "An unknown error occurred while accessing.. (logfile)".  This has been going on for months and happened again during the 2015 CQ WPX CW contest.

But this time, a second pop-up notice said "Server Busy" and that finally gave me a clue as to what the problem was.

I use a single computer for Writelog and Telnet for RBN spots but it is not networked with another computer for logging.  Yet, Writelog was indeed set up for network logging.  It was sending the ongoing log file to a server.  The "unknown error" occurred during hitting Enter to log the contact.  It logged the contact OK on the computer itself but occasionally it didn't go to the server and thus the "unknown error".

I eliminated the problem by deleting all items in the [Network] section of the Writelog.ini file except for the wlogpkt=1 reference.  In the  [Configuration] section, I deleted the StationID= and MyNodeName=

In other words, since I am not using networking for logging, I deleted references to it in the Writelog.ini file.

After making the changes and rebooting, the system then worked perfectly for the rest of the CQ WPX CW contest with no errors.

Keith W3KB

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