[WriteLog] Saving Preset files problem

Ken Eigsti diverkene at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 20:26:40 EST 2016

Running V 11.18c with WIN 7, laptops and ICOM 7600s networked.

I decided to get a jump on getting ready for RTTY RU in January. I decided
to start a new log and use the Preset Exchange feature in tools to load
over a 1000 calls from last years log.

I uploaded my 2016 RTTY RU adi file into the new 2017 log and all went
well. I did a SAVE CONFIG and exited the new log. When I open it up  the
PRESET file is no longer there, it did not save. According to the WL Help
file the new file should remember what I loaded.  I have tried it several
times and it will not save the calls in PRESET.

Any help?


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