[WriteLog] WriteLog v12 is here!

Carsten Steinhoefel carsten at steinhoefel.co.uk
Wed Jan 13 07:47:23 EST 2016

That is excellent news. I downloaded it yesterday and it looks good. I'll have to play around with the layout a bit still but I'm sure I can get it how I want it.

I have a question on which SDRs are supported. The manual says that it needs to be installed as a Windows recording device. I have a QS1R so I guess that one is out. What about these RTL dongles or the SDR Play device, or the RFSpace products? I had a quick look at the websites but couldn't find whether or not they would install as a recording device in Windows.

73 Carsten G0SYP

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Hi Folks,

WriteLog version 12 is finally here!

WriteLog version 12 is a major upgrade to the premier contesting logging
program. It includes an upgraded appearance and superior customization,
a completely revamped Band Map including waterfall display for many
Software Defined Radios, enhanced rate graphs and packet spot support.

Version 12 requires Windows 7 or later. Version 11 runs on Windows 2000
and later, and we will continue to support it with bug fix releases
only, and
for a limited time only.

The registration codes for Version 12 are compatible with those for
11. If you have purchased WriteLog within the past 12 months, you may
install the latest of either Version 11 or Version 12. If you decide to
backwards in versions, the instructions are the same as they always have
been: you must use Windows Control Panel to uninstall WriteLog and then
install the latest full install kit that you have purchased. Finally,
you upgrade
from there to any later version you prefer.

The WriteLog 12 upgrade process will have one additional restriction:
freely downloadable upgrade installers for WL12 will only be able to
 prior version 12 installations, but with one important exception. The
upgrade installer on this page is able to upgrade version 11
from registration codes purchased up to 12 months before the Version
release date. No subsequent version 12 upgrade installers (12.02 and so
have the capability to upgrade from Version 11.

The WriteLog 11 to 12 upgrade process requires a reboot, as does any
uninstall of WriteLog.

If you're still reading... thank you!   Now for the good part.

WriteLog version 12.01 is a free upgrade for anyone who has purchased
full version of WriteLog after Jan 2015.  This excludes the "Newbie"
which does not include any free upgrades.  If you are running an earlier
version, go here to purchase a new registration code:

WriteLog 12.01 includes the following new features/fixes:

* Toolbars with icons from icons8.com
* New band map display with support to overlay SDR spectra
* Support OmniRig as client–shares rig control with other apps
* Configure SDRs for band map display
* Replace Export with Export-Copy-As. File/Save-As
  only creates .wl file
* Button to email CC of Cabrillo to scp
* Docking panes changed to use MFC Feature Pack.
* Save -DockingPanes.reg file
* add ADIF, LOTW, and Cabrillo export to the toolbar
* Disable File/Open menu entry if there are unsaved QSOs
  in the log.
* The Packet spot window has option to view spots of “me”.
* Add fudge-factor for packet spot Follow Me that fixes that
  setting for ARRL SS.
* The Rate Graph is in a dockable window and the current
  hour updates in real time.
* Settings are in the registry and are to be edited only from
  the startup screen. They can be copied to/from an INI file,
  and imported from version 11 writelog.ini
* Turn off creating a networking diagnostic file
  WlogNetDde_nn.log with [network]LogFileVersion=-1.
* Add options for using the preset exchange.

For users of FlexRadio 6000 series rigs, there is a separate download
available on the WriteLog Downloads page that you'll be interested in
this release of WriteLog.  It has changed for V12 releases.

The latest software can be downloaded here:


Steve N9OH & Wayne W5XD

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