[WriteLog] WL + Winkeyer USB Not Playing Together

Dean St. Hill dmsthill at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 01:37:29 EDT 2016

Also just in case it is an issue could you try disabling any antivirus
software. I typically do not run antivirus during contest activity. I have
found any number of strange things happening with the antivirus and/or
malaware software running.

Nothing suggests thus explicitly but seems when all else fails try to
eliminate potential problems.

73 Dean

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On Jul 3, 2016 8:05 PM, "Bryan Swadener via WriteLog" <
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> Thanks Ron,
> I'll give it a try. I was hoping the fix involved beer. ;-)
> tnx es vy 73,Bryan WA7PRC
>       From: Ron Dohmen <ron at n0at.net>
>  To: 'Bryan Swadener' <bswadener at yahoo.com>
>  Sent: Sunday, July 3, 2016 4:13 PM
>  Subject: RE: [WriteLog] WL + Winkeyer USB Not Playing Together
> Bryan,
> I had similar speed changing issues with Writelog and Winkeyer.  I solved
> the problem by turning the speed pot on the Winkeyer fully CCW, and
> controlled the speed only with Writelog.  I do not touch the Winkeyer speed
> pot, just leave it fully CCW.
> 73 de Ron N0AT
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> From: Bryan WA7PRC
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> Subject: Re: [WriteLog] WL + Winkeyer USB Not Playing Together
> After installing WL v11.37B per Wayne's recommendation, I tried it out
> during the RAC Canada Day contest. I had similar issues with the speed
> changing all on its own.
> The difference was that I didn't see a "Timeout" message.
> What to do now?
> tnx es vy 73,Bryan WA7PRC
> Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2016 16:40:48 +0000
> From: "Wayne, W5XD" <w5xd at writelog.com>
> To: Writelog Forum <writelog at contesting.com>
> Subject: Re: [WriteLog] WL + Winkeyer USB Not Playing Together
> > Ever since I started using a K1EL WinKeyerUSB keyer, I've been having
> > problems with it working with WL v10.87K.
> The latest releases of Writelog versions 11 and 12, including the demo
> version, have improvements to WinKey compatibility. Whether you can use or
> try them depends on what OS your WriteLog is installed in:
> Windows 9x  -- you have pretty much the state of the art, circa 1999,
> already.
> Windows XP or higher--you'll need $30 to upgrade to the latest V11
> (https://writelog.com/ordering)
> Windows 7 or higher--version 11 works as above, as does version 12 and you
> have a 3rd, try-before-you-buy alternative:
> http://writelog.com/downloads/demo
> Wayne
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