[WriteLog] Flex6700 - SO2R - Headphones Split Issue

Steve Dyer w1srd at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 7 12:30:19 EDT 2016

I have a similar setup using the 6700 for SO2R. What version of the Flex software are you on? I was using 1.6.xI have slice A + B on radio L and C+D on radio R and it works.What I have found is it can and does get out of synch sometimes when switching radios in WL so I have to go back in and set the correct initial state of volume and sliders. Not sure where the bug is since I would have to trace the WL Flex driver. Maybe Wayne has a flag to dump it to a file instead of doing a network capture.Hope it helps to know that it can work. I've make several thousand RTTY contacts using this config.73,SteveW1SRD

      From: Richard Thorne <rthorne at rthorne.net>
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 Sent: Wednesday, June 15, 2016 9:57 AM
 Subject: [WriteLog] Flex6700 - SO2R - Headphones Split Issue

I've been working on setting up Writelog Version 12.06B and WLFlexDriver 
12.03A with a Flex 6700.

Here's the setup:

    - Slice A set to radio L
    - Slice C set to radio 3
    -  Number of radios set to 2

Volume Settings:

    - Slice A set to a volume of 65 Balance full Left
    - Slice B set to a volume of 65 Balance full right


    - When I have RADIO|Headphones Split turned on I can hear Slice A 
in my left ear and Slice C in my right ear.

    - When I select RADIO|Headphones Normal and the focus is on Radio L 
(Slice A) I can here Slice A in my right and left ear.  When the 
selection is made it mutes the audio from Slice C.  So far so good.

    - However, when I select RADIO|Headphones Split I can here Slice A 
in my left ear and nothing in my right ear from Slice C.  The reason is 
that the volume on Slice C stays muted.  I have to use my mouse key and 
slide the volume backup in order to hear Slice C in my right ear.

Is there a way to bring the volume back on Slice C when I toggle back to 
Radio|Headphones Split? Is this a feature that needs to be added or do I 
have a setting setup incorrectly?

The above happens in reverse when I start with the focus set on Radio 3.

I've setup the Grave key as a short cut to toggle headphones split on 
and off.  I have the above problem weather I use the Grave short cut or 
the drop down menu via my mouse.

Thanks in advance.

Rich - N5ZC

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