[WriteLog] FKeys utility and WL V12

Keith Regli keith at kregli.com
Mon May 9 20:15:00 EDT 2016

I've finally gotten back to my home and the ability to update my FKeys
utility to support Writelog V12.  I appreciate your patience with my

I'm looking for some folks to try out the new version and let me know if
they have any problems.  I no longer have the ability to test it in as many
environments as I should (only have Windows 10 and don't have SO2R set up

So, if you're willing to try it at this stage please feel free to download
it from my website (http:www.kregli.com). It is on the FKeys page and is
labelled as "Download the BETA software".

I had some issues with Win10 protections, but redoing my ini file solved it.

There are no significant new features, just a fix to make it work with
Writelog V12. I also added a few menu commands that have been added to
Writelog over time.

Please let me know of any problems so I can get this back to a solid base.

Keith Regli
​ (K7KAR)​

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