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Wed Dec 13 09:50:30 EST 2017

> Someone please watch the demo and tell Kostas and me what it is. I am not
> computer literate enough to do the demo.
I apologize for my cryptic comments, but this feature is for those that
want to write their own programs to make WriteLog do things it does
not already do. Said another way, its like a tool to soup up your
car engine.

In more detail that you probably wanted...

The new "track focus" automation support was added at the request of
a WriteLog user that has homebrewed very extensive hardware support
for SO2R operation: headphone, microphone, amplifier, and antenna
switching. That equipment required him to also write a sort of
interface program that controlled the equipment based on what
radio the operator was listening to, transmitting on, and what bands
the rigs were on.

WriteLog has since very early on supported "automation interfaces"
for the purpose of doing this sort of thing. But, until 12.23, it
did not have a software interface so that a program running on the
PC with WriteLog could monitor the operator focus. WriteLog has, again
for a very long time, made the operator's focus known to external
SO2R boxes, and that is how this particular ham was making things
work. But it was easier for him, and made his program look less
like an octopus with its tentacles into all the corners of his
contesting software/hardware setup, for WriteLog to provide this
information through an automation interface--one less thing for
his SO2R program to talk to.

So this new feature is a small addition on top of the automation
support that has been there for a very long time.

The github link is not so much demonstrations as I have referred
to it, but really examples that show how software can connect
to WriteLog. You'll need the Microsoft programming tools to make
them do anything. Their free tools work with WriteLog.

Wayne, W5XD

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