[WriteLog] One FSK port for "SO2V"?

Ed Muns ed at w0yk.com
Thu Dec 28 22:19:39 EST 2017

Yes, TinyFSK works great with Shared COM ports on WriteLog.  I love it.
I've been using this configuration since it came out in Beta.  There was
only one report to Wayne from me and all I could say was that it all worked
great!  The implementation was perfect the first time I saw it in Beta.

The printed TX text (blue italics in Rttyrite) leads the RF a fraction of a
second but it's closer than other Rttyrite and MMTTY FSK configurations.  It
would be valuable for the printed text to be accurately timed with the RF so
I could use that to time my next transmission, on another receiver or radio.
I think Wayne and I have discussed this several times over the years and it
is not easy to sync the printing with the RF.

Small nit on TinyFSK itself.  The default FSK polarity is backwards for the
K3 and most radios (Mark=High).  Simple matter to set it correct (Mark=Low)
with a terminal emulator running the TinyFSK commands.  However, the default
polarity will be fine for Yaesu radios.   ;>)


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> I could swear I saw that a recent release added a feature where if you are
> operating with 2 receivers in (say) a K3, you could now use just one
> port for FSK instead of the two you needed before (to switch to the 2nd
> entry window for transmit).
> Maybe I'm not looking for the right words, but I can't seem to locate that
> release note.
> Assuming I'm not on drugs and I did see that, does this feature also work
> with the (new) TinyFSK support - meaning that one TinyFSK is all that is
> needed to support both VFOs?
> Thanks - jeff wk6i
This is probably what you are looking for:
> 12.21 October, 2017
> Add ability for RttyRite to share its FSK transmit port.

I expect this feature to also work with TinyFSK. I have received very
few test
reports of RttyRite with TinyFSK.


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