[WriteLog] Speaking of RTTY Roundup! Call for stories and photos!

Jeff Stai wk6i.jeff at gmail.com
Sat Dec 30 14:20:07 EST 2017

...which begins one week minus one hour from now as I type this! Rules are


I do the contest results writeup for QST, and the article is only as good
as the stories you have to tell about your efforts and experiences - in
your words and photos. Please send them to me!

So please do remember to take pictures of your operation - high resolution
images that feature people, pets, mascots, etc are most likely to be chosen
by the editors. If you show your op position make sure it looks like RTTY
is happening!

And stories about station and antenna issues, weather challenges, squirrels
eating your feedline, anything special about this year in particular, never
seem to get old - so take notes and send them to me after the contest!

NEW: With the new "heavy metal" overlay award for electromechanical
operation this year, the editors will be looking for your adventures in
getting the beasts on the air and into the fray.

I also do scour the soapbox in the logs and 3830scores.com for stories, so
if you put them there I will also see them.

See you in the RU - have fun! jeff wk6i

ps: Please feel free to forward this note to your local contest club.

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