[WriteLog] WriteLog shortcut definition for the Home key

Wayne support at writelog.com
Sun Dec 31 20:39:05 EST 2017

> In the past, I've been able to press the 'Home' key and have my cursor
> return to the entry window if it were focused elsewhere. This seems to
> have stopped working...
> I checked the keyboard shortcuts and it's still defined there.
> Win 7 Pro and Win 10 here with W/L 12.23
> --
> 73,
> Mike, N1JEZ

You got caught by this change. From the latest WriteLog help file about
Keyboard Shortcuts:

> Shortcut definitions for "bare" keys (without Alt or Shift or Control)
> are active /only/ when an Entry Window has the keyboard focus. This
> means that if you, for example, define shortcuts for UP and DOWN, they
> are in effect only on Entry Windows. Otherwise UP/DOWN work according
> to the focussed window (e.g moving the highlight in the Packet Spot
> window.) The keys across the top row of the keyboard, Escape and F1
> through F12 are exempt from this restriction. That is, shortcuts on
> the bare versions of the top row keys are in effect regardless of
> keyboard focus.
Because of the change documented above, I don't see a way to make the
Home key do what you want anymore. Specifically, a WriteLog shortcut
definition for the Home key is not going is ignored unless your keyboard
focus is on an Entry Window--which is exactly the opposite of what
you're used to.

A shortcut on a key with CTRL or ALT or SHIFT is an alternative to pull
the focus back to the Entry Window, as would F1 through F12, but not
Home unless you are willing to live with the CTRL/ALT/SHIFT version of it.

Why did this change happen? Because WriteLog shortcut definitions  on
keys with standardized Windows behaviors (like Up/Down/Left/Right and,
yes, Home,) while useful for getting the absolute lowest keystroke count
when you're logging QSOs, wreak havoc when you want to keyboard the QTC
dialog or other dialogs WriteLog might have open. In your example, if
you're receiving a QTC with the keyboard focus in the receive QTC
dialog, then the standard Windows behavior for arrow left/right and Home
and End move the insertion point back, forward, to the beginning and to
the end. For a while, WL did what you got used to. Your definition for
the Home key would (unexpectedly for many users) yank the keyboard focus
away from the QTC dialog back to the Entry Window rather than moving the
insertion point to the beginning of the field for the currently received
QTC field. Now WL does a more Windows-standard behavior.


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