[WriteLog] CW keying on com port with IC7300 and Writelog

Wayne support at writelog.com
Wed Feb 22 09:52:58 EST 2017

> Hi all
> Most contest logging software allows the use of the internal CW keyer on
> either RTS or DTR keying on the com port, similar to the Elecraft K3
> I cannot find this option in Writelog
> Can anyone advise please?
> Jim M0CKE
> _______________________

"Most contest logging software allows"

That statement was not true from the advent of the IBM PC circa
1983 and thefirst widely-used contesting program, CT on MS-DOS.
CT set the standard that the CW signal was on DTR and nowhere
else (well, also on pin 17 of an LPT port to be complete.)

Its only in the past few years that ham software writers decided
that there just was not enough complexity in setting up contesting
software and decided to add new options.

WriteLog is confusing enough already and has no such option.


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