[WriteLog] Super Check Partial slowdown - V11 vs V12

Tom Georgens tomgeorgens15 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 1 18:59:09 EST 2017

My experience is the opposite of Randy's.  v11 was always very fast.  In
CQWW SSB, with V12 and a switch to Win10,  the SCP slowed dramatically.  It
would take several seconds to settle.  The window caption would switch to
"Checking."  I had never seen this before, even as others had reported SCP
slowing down.  Between CQWW SSB and CW, Wayne made a change and the speed
improved significantly.  It still seems slower than v11, but still fine.

Wayne added a bunch of SCP functionality, some of it as a result of my
prodding.   If anyone cares, this was the rationale for my requests.

1.  I wanted a second SCP window to display results for both the band of the
L radio and the band of the R radio.  The goal was to make SO2R simpler.
Instead of switching the keyboard focus when tuning the second radio and
switching back when there was an answer on the CQ radio, this allowed me to
just have one active keyboard window and it would calculate the SCP for both
radios' frequencies.  If I wanted to work the guy on the second radio, I
would have to arrow down and re-enter the call, but that was the less common
case than getting an answer to the CQ.  This saved a ton of window switching
and getting confused with the keyboard and transmit focus being different.

2.  Having done that, I also wanted the opposite.  When running dual pileup,
I no longer wanted both SCP panes to respond to the call being typed.  What
I wanted in this modes is for each pane to stick with a single radio.  This
way, after I got a call on the L radio, when I was sending the exchange, I
could get a call on the R radio.  I did not want to overwrite the SCP on the
L radio in case the L radio call was incorrect.

3.  I had always wanted a Unique plus one function.  Eventually I extracted
information via OLE from Writelog to input into a standalone U+! program in
real time.  This worked great, but it took a while to figure out how best to
use it since there now even more windows to scan in real time.  On CW it is
uncommon for a call to not be in the SCP and, unless you really botch it, it
will be in the U+1.  Wayne now has added this to the SCP.  I have not tried
it in a contest yet, but it looks good.  One interesting thing about using
SCP and U+1 is that you see just how many busted call are in the SCP.

I have found each of these changes to be very useful and thanks to Wayne for
adding them in.

Now to the 11 minute rule (Inside joke)

73, Tom W2SC

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I have had the opposite impression.

With v11, I would notice the SCP times start to slow down above 4K QSOs.
Not terrible, but enough to start being noticeable.

With the most recent v12, the SCP speeds have been great.  I noticed no
degradation at all in the recent WW CW where I went over 4K QSOs.

Upgraded to Win10 between using v11 and v12.  Don't think that had any

Similar PC to yours.

I recall W5XD making a comment in one of the latest versions that he had
made some changes to the SCP feature.  It now also displays N+1 calls in the
SCP window.  This is the version I used for WW CW.  I found seeing both
matching calls and N+1 calls to be very helpful at times.

Randy, K5ZD

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> Subject: [WriteLog] Super Check Partial slowdown - V11 vs V12
> OK. This has been puzzling me ever since I installed WL version 12.03 
> earlier this year.  I searched through all the old threads but nothing 
> has helped so perhaps someone here can figure this out.
> Ever since I moved up to v12 I've noticed the SCP search speed would get
> progressively slower once a log went above about 3000 Q's.   By 10,000 it
> was taking about 4 seconds, and anything north of that made SCP pretty 
> useless in a high-rate situation. (Just to stress-test it I loaded up 
> a DXpedition log with about 27K Q's in it and SCP slowed to a crawl).
> For the record I'm running on Win 7 / 64 bit, i3, 4GB RAM.
> At first I thought that perhaps the SCP speed was always like this and 
> I just never noticed.  But today I decided to un-install V12.03 and 
> return to V11.06A and load up the same logs.  Sure enough, SCP was 
> lightning fast. Didn't matter if there was 1 QSO in there or 27,000.  
> SCP was almost instantaneous in version 11, and it blazed through both 
> the local log and MASTER.DTA in a flash.  It was done before I could 
> even finish typing in a call - which is exactly how I remember it.
> As an added test, I loaded that same 27K QSO log into v11 on a ultra- 
> crappy 8-year old XP laptop with 2GB RAM. Again, the SCP search time 
> was super fast and there was no hint of any slowdown.  Almost 
> identical to the Win 7 machine.  I even tested the same log on an old 
> WL version 10 and SCP was still blazing fast.
> I've already tried a few things:  Turned off autosave, disconnected 
> any packet connections (I rarely use them anyway), changed the SCP 
> fonts, increased memory, and shut down all other programs running in 
> the background.  Nothing changes.  SCP is still slow in v12 with large
> I know log sizes above 10K aren't too common, but has anyone else 
> noticed this in v12?  Perhaps something in the code changed?  Maybe 
> there's a newer release that addressed this?
> 73
> James 9V1YC
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