[WriteLog] Prompt to restore network when using a non-networked log

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Fri Jan 6 08:56:01 EST 2017

I tried networking two computers years ago using my general log just for a test and have been getting that message ever since. I just check “no.”

Chuck W5PR

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From: Brian Miller
Sent: Friday, January 6, 2017 7:46 AM
To: writelog at contesting.com
Subject: [WriteLog] Prompt to restore network when using a non-networked log

When I reopen one of my logs (a general DX log) and attempt to enter a new 
QSO I receive a pop up message stating"You are adding a QSO to networked 
log. Restore the network now?". As far as I'm aware I have never connected 
this log in network mode. It is not clear to me why this message is being 
displayed now or how to stop it being displayed. I have observed the problem 
in versions 12.08c and 12.12c.

Any thoughts on how to resolve this?

73, Brian VK3MI 

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