[WriteLog] rtty

Courtney Judd k4wi at k4wi.net
Sat Jan 7 17:27:13 EST 2017

Struggling today with the RU test and rtty with my new 5000. I am 
puzzled with the way things are acting.... setup is 5000 with 
microKeyer2. Using DX4WIN and mmtty all works great... prints out very 
nicely. Today wanted to use writelog 12.12C  with XMMT.ocz and mmtty in 
this contest. All is setup according to microHam setup files. Havening a 
terrible time getting that to print.... opened a GRITTY window and it 
prints out 90% while writelog/xmmt struggles to get maybe 30%. I have 
been over the setup files 10 times.... looked at the 5000 and don't see 
anything amiss. Puzzle is my ft2000 worked perfect with this setup. I am 
missing something here but no idea what to look for.... maybe it is just 
propagation... any ideas , suggestions! thanks, Cort K4WI

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