[WriteLog] Reg codes - more

Ed Schuller eschuller at ymail.com
Sat Jan 14 14:27:47 EST 2017

Thanks for the replies. I usually keep the email with the code; for some (unknown reason) I accidentally deleted it. So this option doesn't work.

I usually just run the installation, and don't save the install file, so this option doesn't work for me (I'll save it from now on).

I searched the registry but couldn't find the code.

So far, I'm out of luck. I've used WL for years. I'm a little disappointed that my email to WL support went unanswered. I would have thought that they could have sent me my code.

So at the moment, my options are: forget upgrades until my sub expires, or by a new upgrade (even though I don't need it) to get a new code. Neither is a reasonable option.

Thanks for the input!


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