Dave Sublette k4to at arrl.net
Sun Jan 29 18:56:12 EST 2017

I got it!.. I generated the cabrillo file and then edited that.  I just submitted it to the robot.  We shall see if the robot is happy .. 

K4TO - Single OP KY QRP — claimed score 37,000  +/- points.

I made 275 Q’s, 59 multipliers.  Some of the Q’s were dupes.  I think I must have operated one hour in my sleep, from the sorry log entries I had to correct :-)  I used search and pounce exclusively.  5 watts won’t generate any runs :-)

I used a KX3 set to 5 watts.  The antenna is a full Quarter wave elevated ground plane vertical.  I’ve had it for 27 years and it still works great.

Thanks for all of your help.


Dave, K4TO

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