[WriteLog] WL/Flex 6700 Newbie Question

w5prchuck at gmail.com w5prchuck at gmail.com
Fri Jun 9 22:22:03 EDT 2017

I can’t get the Flex Community to accept a question, so I’ll try here.

I am a complete newbie on Flex. I am running WL on a separate Win 10 computer from my Flex 6700 Win 10 computer.  I am trying to plug my headphones and mic into the front jacks of the WL computer so I can use the WL voice keyer and also record the contest on the WL computer. I have the computers networked and I can plug the headphones and mic into the Flex and transmit and receive when I control it from WL. I have now plugged into the front of the WL computer and I am getting receive audio through the computer, but I am getting no transmit audio from the WL computer to the Flex.

I am assuming this may be a DAX problem?

Thanks for any Help!

Chuck W5PR

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