[WriteLog] Sending CW With WriteLog To A Yaesu FT1000-MP

marsh at ka5m.net marsh at ka5m.net
Fri Jun 16 11:29:17 EDT 2017

Hi Gene,

I'm not sure of the "level" of your question. 

If you are asking about the basic CW and WriteLog setup, you'll need:

1. A real RS-232 port in your computer, ** OR ** a USB to RS-232 converter -
if you get a converter, get one that uses the FTDI chip - they work

2. A simple RS-232 to radio interface - 1 transistor and 1 resistor - Pin 4
(DTR) in and key line out to radio

3. Set up ports in WriteLog - select whichever COM port you're using to send
CW, CW, and Computer Generates CW

This works with all version of WriteLog for at least the last 10 years

I've used this with WriteLog and a Ten-Tec Omni VI+, Yaesu FT-1000MP,
Ten-Tec Orion, and Ten-Tec Orion II

I've always used one COM port for the radio, and a second COM port for CW. 

To use a paddle and keyer too to send CW, I've always just used a "Y"
adapter with interface and keyer in, and out to "key" jack on radio. Nothing
fancy, but it works 

I hope this maybe helps.

Marsh, KA5M

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Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2017 15:33:00 +0000
From: Gene Bunner <mailto:AC8RH at outlook.com>
To: "mailto:writelog at contesting.com" <mailto:writelog at contesting.com>
Subject: [WriteLog] WriteLog version11 - CAT Control & Sending CW


I'm new to using WriteLog. I've been tasked with setting up one of the
stations for Field Day this year, and I'm having some issues that I'm hoping
the experts here can help with.

I tried in vain to get an Icom IC-706mkiig to work with WriteLog. I've
searched the bowls of the web, and thus far have not been successful in
getting it to work.

Moving on, I've decided to try to use my Yaesu FT-1000mp with WriteLog, and
have successfully got the computer/WriteLog/radio communicating using the RT
Systems USB cable. WriteLog will read, and I can change frequency and mode
just fine. So, I seem to be good in the CAT control area.

My question revolves around how to configure sending CW via the computer
keyboard. The folks using the station would like to send CW using the
computer keyboard in WriteLog and also have the ability to send CW using a
paddle to fill in. I'm thinking I will need some type of external box/device
in addition to the USB cable that currently connects the radio to the pc to
make all of this happen?

Any help/input that you can provide will be appreciated since I'm new to
this type of setup.


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