[WriteLog] Edit Sub Bands??

Don Hill AA5AU aa5au at bellsouth.net
Mon Jun 19 14:24:51 EDT 2017

It seems I had this issue but I don't remember exactly what the fix was. But
you can do this...

There are three subband files on your computer. They are:


They are located in C:\Program Data\WriteLog directory. They are text files.
You can edit them using Notepad. My suggestion would be to make them all the
same. For instance, the contents of my Extra file is:

<SUB>1800 TO 2000</SUB>
<SUB>3500 TO 3600</SUB>
<SUB>7000 TO 7100</SUB>
<SUB>14000 TO 14150</SUB>
<SUB>21000 TO 21200</SUB>
<SUB>28000 TO 28200</SUB>
<SUB>50000 TO 50100</SUB>
<SUB>3560 TO 3600</SUB>
<SUB>7035 TO 7125</SUB>
<SUB>14079 TO 14150</SUB>
<SUB>21079 TO 21199</SUB>
<SUB>28079 TO 28200</SUB>
<SUB>1800 TO 2000</SUB>
<SUB>3600 TO 4000</SUB>
<SUB>7125 TO 7300</SUB>
<SUB>14150 TO 14350</SUB>
<SUB>21200 TO 21450</SUB>
<SUB>28300 TO 29500</SUB>
<SUB>50100 TO 50250</SUB>

Open one of your files, edit it the way you want, then copy and paste it
into the other files (deleting what's already in there). See if that works.


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Hello All,

I must be doing something wrong.

When I try to Edit Sub Bands I make
the changes I want and save them.

The next time I open the Edit Sub Bands program none of my changes are

Any Help much appreciated!

Thanks in advance for any info...

Ted  K2QMF

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