[WriteLog] Changing CTY data on the fly

Alan Zack k7acz at cox.net
Thu Mar 9 16:11:47 EST 2017

During the ARRL DX SSB WP2AA was mapped in the CTY file as a USA CONUS
station. He was actually operating from KP2.
I first noticed this because he was one of my first contacts. I noted he
should have shown up as NEW MULT when I typed in the call but did not. After
I logged him he logged as UNITED STATES. I corrected it to KP2 and he logged
correctly. I worked him three more times on different bands later in the
contest. Each time I had to stop and correct the log from K to KP2.
I f I remember correctly my previous contest logger, CT, could correct a
country on the fly. This had to be done frequently with TO# calls that were
not in the CTY files that no one knew what country there were for.
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