[WriteLog] WriteLog 12.14 is released!

Steve Woodruff steve at n9oh.com
Thu Mar 9 17:33:18 EST 2017


Sorry about that - that was a typo / copy-pasta!  All full version purchases come with 12 months of free upgrades.

I’ve already updated the email release template.  :)


Steve N9OH

On March 9, 2017 at 3:50:32 PM, Alan Zack (k7acz at cox.net) wrote:

Is FEB 2015 a typo? Should it be FEB 2016? I last paid in OCT 2015 for the 2015 CQWWDX and so my free updates expired OCT 2016 I think. If not I will gladly take the most recent free update to 12.14. Now running 12.11D  

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Hi Folks,  

WriteLog version 12.14 is a free upgrade for anyone who has purchased the full version of WriteLog since Feb 2015. If you are running an earlier version, go here to purchase a new registration code: http://writelog.com/ordering  

New in version 12.14 since 12.13:  

* Tolerate non-compliant ERROR_IO_PENDING COM port driver for rig.  
* K3 and TS-2000 drivers tolerate more than 150msec delayed response.  
* Broadcast Scores to cqcontest.net sends “total” for single band contest.  
* In RttyRite window, when using a font that has wider bold characters than its  
normal face (e.g. Lucidia) leave space for bolding. Leaves space at right edge  
of RttyRite window instead of obscuring the ends of lines with bolding.  
* Fix NA Sprint CW and RTTY handling of KH6 multiplier.  
* Update INQP to newest rule change.  

- NAQP: The upgrade kits do not update the necessary files for the NAQP rules change.  
You must use File/Web-Update-Data-Files to get the changed multiplier support.  

12.14 upgrade installers are available here: http://writelog.com/downloads/writelog-versions  


Steve N9OH & Wayne W5XD  

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