[WriteLog] Writelog.ini???

Don AA5AU aa5au at bellsouth.net
Wed May 10 15:06:11 EDT 2017

The information you are looking for can be found here:

Specifically, click the link to "Export Current Settings to an .ini file" and also read "Edit INI option".
73, Don AA5AU

      From: "k2qmf at juno.com" <k2qmf at juno.com>
 To: writelog at contesting.com 
 Sent: Wednesday, May 10, 2017 1:48 PM
 Subject: [WriteLog] Writelog.ini???
Hello All,

Can someone tell me how to make changes
to the Writelog.ini???
I am running V12 and Windows 10...

Many Thanks in advance!

Ted  K2QMF

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