[WriteLog] Cut-numbers

K6UFO Mark Aaker k6ufo at arrl.net
Sat Oct 7 18:54:27 EDT 2017

Hi Ed, If its a leading zero, just change the message with the number 
from %3 down to %1, or hurry up and work the first 100. If its middle 
zeros being changed to T, then yes you may need to edit or add in the ini file: 


I'm not sure you're finding and editing the ini file properly. 
If you are on Writelog 11, use the Start, Programs, Writelog, Edit ini file 
If you are on Writelog 12, when you start Writelog V12, instead of 
selecting a log, use the Settings, Edit 
More description of using ini file for V12 at: 

Good luck, 

Mark K6UFO 

> I installed the latest version a few days ago and now (without any 
> modifications to my files) I am getting “T” instead of zero. I looked in the 
> ini file for a cut number setting but there isn’t one. I tried using notepad to 
> add 0=0 but I can’t seem to save it. I have no idea what I may or may not have 
> done to get this (always have sent the full zero character), but I find this 
> annoying. 
> Any ideas? I see no place in the program to change the setting and no tab or 
> button to fix the ini file 
> Thanks 
> 73, 
> Ed K6CTA 

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