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You were spot on.... Windows  did not recognize (see)  ANY ports , even though it had previously.

Windows Device Manager did not even show a  "Ports" Icon (and associated Icom driver files which were previously downloaded). Why, I don't know?

Closing out all programs, shutting down computer, disconnecting USB (A-B) cable from laptop,  restarting computer, re connecting  USB cable and then going to Writelog file set up , and selecting Icom 7851  in commport 3 fixed the problem.

Many thanks

Noll W9RN

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Hi Noll,
This sounds like a problems with Windows thinking the Com port is missing, not setup, or in use by some other previous program. Does Com 3 show in the Device Manager, Ports? Doesn't the 7851 connect by USB and need a special Virtual Com Port Driver? If that's not installed, then Windows will not find the port. There are some tips about ICOM USB ports here: 
Good luck,
Mark Aaker K6UFO

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