[WriteLog] Writelog Ver 12.21P No WAV Access

Jim ks1j at arrl.net
Mon Oct 30 19:33:49 EDT 2017

This weekend I loaded up the CQ WW DX Contest: Phone template and happily
started logging some Q's. I tired of calling CQ and wanted to use the
Shift-Fx feature to set up a wav file. I went into Setup>CW/RTTY/SSB
Messages then made certain I selected the SSB Bank. But when I pressed the
Browse button the title of the Open Dialogue was "Choose a file of CW/RTTY
memories" and the default File Name extension was pre-filled with "Writelog
V9 files (*.wl)". The V9 reference was strange enough but I also could not
override to select just "*" or "*.wav".  The long and short of it was that I
could not access the WAV files in the directory I had used for several years
nor could I get the SHIFT-Fx feature to work.

The mode on the rig was definitely SSB. I was using only one rig (FTDX
5000MP). I was not in Split to a different mode. The log showed default 59
reports (not 599). 

Any ideas?


Jim KS1J

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