[WriteLog] How to get correct zone being used for IARU HF or CQ WW160

Kari Gustafsson kari at sm0hrp.se
Tue Feb 13 14:29:43 EST 2018


I have almost "lost all my hair" trying to figure out how do you get WL to
send my correct report with multiplier or zone and have it shown on the log
window. E g when I choose a new log with for IARUHF and set my zone to 18 I
cannot get WL to send my report with zone 18 and not having it shown on the
low window. In the help meny it says you must set the "multiplier score" but
I cannot find the meny. The same happened now in CQ WW 160 I could not get
WL to show on Log window my zone but I had to fill it in manually. Is it
really this hard to accomplish this?

How do you do to alter what is sent and shown if the log meny shows
uncomplete fields? 

73s Kari SM0HRP   

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