[WriteLog] WriteLog 12.29 is now available!

Steve Woodruff steve at n9oh.com
Thu Jun 21 15:20:15 EDT 2018

Hi Folks,

WriteLog version 12.29 is a free upgrade for anyone who has purchased the full version of WriteLog since Jun 2017. If you are running an earlier version, go here to purchase a new registration code: 


New in version 12.29 since 12.28: 

* Improvements to Icom rig drivers. Add SO2V support to IC-7600, 7610, 7800, 7850/1
* Elecraft K-3 driver fix for 2-Entry Window split operation on “main” rig.
* Add SO2V options.
* Add EntryClearUnfocused command.
* Add Entry options setup tab.
* Reorder Setup menu for consistency.
* Make CW cut-number handling consistent with documentation, and allow a different lead-zero cut number from zeros inside.

12.29 upgrade installers are available here: 

Note that everyone should execute File/Web-Update-Data-Files to get the changed email addresses for contest submission as well as updates to contest multiplier files!!  The upgrade installer will not do this for you.


Steve N9OH & Wayne W5XD

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