[WriteLog] Need RTTY help with version 12.23j

Gary Gross ke6qr at comcast.net
Wed Mar 7 01:03:17 EST 2018

Back in January I purchased V12.23j after running version 11 for many years without any problems. I haven't been able to get my rtty running successfully yet. I usually run MMTTY with writelog rittywrite for RTTY. Every time I click my mouse on the call sign entry box my ritty screen disappears. I had previously asked for help with this problem and was told to download and register xmmt.ocx and delete the original mmtty plug in module which I also did. Still no luck. If I change TU mode in the ritty screen to xmmt.ocx I receive  a com port not available message. If I choose Soundboard AFSK in the TU section I get the same results, the ritty screen still goes away. Please help. Thank-you. Gary KE6QR

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