[WriteLog] Spectrum on bandmap with IC-7300 - possible or not?

support at writelog.com support at writelog.com
Thu Mar 22 12:39:48 EDT 2018

> Hi all
> Has anyone suceeded in setting up Writelog with the IC-7300 to show the 
> spectrum on the WL BandMap (as we easily can do on N1MM+ and Dxlab)?
> Thanks!
> Alessandro, i2sva
I downloaded and thread through Icom's "Instruction Manual (Full)" and
see no signs of either a pair of digitized IQ output channels, nor an
analog IF that could, in turn, be digitized into IQ channels. So my
answer is no. However, I also see no signs of how any other software
could access spectrums in that same manual, nor do I see any references
to any further programming documentation, so I also cannot see how "we
easily can do on N1MM+"

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