[WriteLog] Holding down F Keys causes Repeats

Keith Beebe W3KB keith at w3kb.net
Sat Sep 1 12:57:09 EDT 2018

Well, this is something I've never noticed before:

If I hold down any F key in Writelog, it will constantly repeat the specific programmed CW message for that key !  I use a WinKeyer.

Is this something that should be happening?  Quite frankly, I would like it not to repeat.  If I want to repeat something (say my call in F4) I simply hit the key twice.

This drove me nuts in today's CW Open until I realized what was happening.   If I somehow held the F4 key down for too long it would repeat my call until I hit Escape.

Is there any way to stop the keyboard from doing that (repeating any F key message if you hold down the key) ???

Thank you as always,

Keith W3KB

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