[WriteLog] WriteLog CQWW RTTY prefill file

Craig KØCF k0cf at mchsi.com
Mon Sep 24 00:10:49 EDT 2018

I have just generated a CQWW RTTY prefill ADIF file for WriteLog and
posted it to my club website, the Eastern Iowa DX Association home page
at http://www.eidxa.org. From the home page, click the "DX Resources" link
from the main menu at the top left side of the home page. The prefill
links are at the bottom of the "DX Resources" page. What you will down-
load is a zip file containing the ADIF prefill file.

The source file for this was a plain text file from the N1MM+ web site,
which was last updated a year ago (26 Sep 2017). If a new file is posted
before Friday morning, I will create a new prefill and post notice of its
availability here.


Craig, KØCF

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