[WriteLog] RTTY decode window

Steve Lund k6um.elist at gmail.com
Sun Sep 30 20:52:50 EDT 2018

Since the beginning I have wondered why the RTTY decode window uses a
circular  buffer with the most recent decode moving down the screen until
it is at the bottom of the window and then it jumps to the top.

The current line is underlined, but red is a color I don't see well.

In S&P mode one needs to tune/center the signal in the RTTY  window and
then look at the decode window. I would much prefer to have the currently
decoded line stay in one place, preferably the top.

What is the reason for scrolling the current decode down the window? I'd
prefer to see the most current decode at the top and the oldest at the

Steve, K6UM

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