[WriteLog] WriteLog Digest, Vol 193, Issue 3

Nick Smith nrsmith at citlink.net
Fri Jan 4 19:29:45 EST 2019

I am having all kinds of problems with 12.25c, comports are acting so 
flakey, I set them and then when I turn the computer back on they are 
gone or have changed. So I just got my old computer out with a lower 
version and it works fine.

Nick, w4gkm

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>     5. Re: v12.35c commport question (Joe Subich, W4TV)
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> Subject: [WriteLog] Fwd: RTTY Roundup practice sessions!
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> Please share this notice with your local groups, as appropriate.
> Same time and same drill as in recent years. This coming Friday, let's have
> two practice sessions to check out station equipment, software and
> operator(s).
> New in 2019! Practice for both RTTY and FT8! Here's the schedule:
> 2200-2230 UTC, Friday, 5 January - RTTY focus
> 2230-2300 UTC, Friday, 5 January - FT8 focus
> 0200-0230 UTC, Saturday, 6 January (Friday evening NA time) - RTTY focus
> 0230-0300 UTC, Saturday, 6 January (Friday evening NA time) - FT8 focus
> "Focus" means lets focus on that mode for the 30 minutes - but if you want
> to practice switching back and forth between modes by all means do so. I
> expect you'll find others of a like mind.
> Operate just like it's the real thing that starts on Saturday. Use whatever
> bands are open and active for you at each time slot. For FT8, the following
> dial frequencies as recommended by Joe K1JT in the January 2019 QST would
> be a good starting place: 3590, 7080**, 14130, 21130, 28160.
> You might want to have a special message prepared to respond to stations
> telling you that the contest hasn't yet started. (Or, perhaps even practice
> your typing ;)
> Most of all, have fun over the weekend in the RTTY Round-Up! Take some
> photos of your operation and send them and/or a summary of your experience
> to me, Jeff WK6I - especially anything around your decisions on how to use
> (or not use) FT8. It will help me write up the contest for the QST article.
> 73 jeff wk6i
> ** Below is a link to the article by Joe K1JT for reference. You may notice
> that the recommended frequencies for 80 and 40 meters are in typical RTTY
> subbands. FT8 ops may want to slide up above 7100 or below 3580 if they are
> having trouble getting a foothold in the recommended ranges.
> http://www.arrl.org/files/file/ContestResults/2019/January%202019%20QST%20-%20Taylor%20-%20FT8.pdf

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