[WriteLog] Rttyrite problem - version 11.24H

Alan Marshall acm at ultranet.com
Mon Jan 7 13:23:29 EST 2019

Hi Don,

Well, it's a long story (of course) since I have 
been using it for many years.  I'll try to keep it 

The short story is that it is now working again on 
CW after many reboots and unplugging and replugging 
all the connections to the laptop that runs 
Writelog.  We are not sure just what made it work 
again but it is.  The issue was that I could not 
re-select CW in the Rttyrite mode window, the CW was 
greyed out.  After much rebooting and replugging the 
com port adapters.  The selection for CW is back. 
and all is well again for CW.

The third port I used for rtty has been unplugged 
for some time now as I have not been on RTTY :-( . 
So this weekend
was a problem.  I have not tried putting it into 
rtty (serial adapter port remains unplugged for 
now).  I'll be doing more
work to try it again but I am somewhat gun-shy now. 
Running Windows 7 pro.

The longer story involves version 12.  I am also 
working to move to that version in a newer laptop 
and still am having issues with making it look like 
my old interface with Writelog in version 11.

I'll let you and the list know as I progress there.

    Alan, W1CCE

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Please explain how you typically set up Rttyrite for 
CW and what is it that
are not able to do now?

To use Rttyrite on CW with V11 (it's the same with 
V12), go to the TU Type
and select Sound Board AFSK. Typically this brings 
up the WriteLog RTTY
Receiver. To change to CW, go to the Mode menu in 
Rttyrite and select CW.
The WriteLog RTTY Receiver changes to the WriteLog 
CW Receiver. If all that
works and you aren't receiving anything, then you 
need to check to see which
Sound board is selected. Go to the WriteLog V11 
program folder from the
Start menu and select Sound board mixer control. 
There is where you set "rec
to PC" to the sound board you have your receiver 
connected to.

I prefer using the multi-channel CW decoder. You can 
try to see if that
works by going to the "Windows" menu in WriteLog and 
selecting "CW Display


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I have broken my install of Writelog version 11.24H.
This happened while trying to set up for the RTTY
Roundup contest this past weekend.  I can no longer
get the Rttyrite window to go back to CW mode.  This
is my main mode of operation for my CW operation of
my station.  Is there some way for me to get back to
CW mode on that window since nothing will come out
of RTTY mode; neither the Rttyrite window or the
Writelog  rtty window will go back to CW mode.

I am running under Windows 7 Pro.  My radio is Icon
756 Pro II.

I do have version 12.32 on another machine that is
interfaced to the Pro 2 and it is running Windows
10.  I have not been able to make the transition to
that machine.

Any suggestions gratefully accepted.

    Alan,  W1CCE and David, KB1EDE (my brother)

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