[WriteLog] WriteLog's FlexRadio driver updated

Wayne, W5XD w5xd at writelog.com
Mon May 6 11:25:18 EDT 2019

For those running a Flex-6000 series radio with WriteLog. If you've
upgrade to SmartSDR version 3 (or plan to) then you must update to
WriteLog's new driver. (Older versions of WriteLog's driver just display
"No Slice" for a radio upgraded to SmartSDR 3.)

This driver also makes for much integration with SDR-Bridge and CW Skimmer:
You'll have to click a couple of links before you find the driver
installer download, but I am trying to force the documentation onto your
screen, even if you won't read it.

I had not realized until this little project how easy it is to connect
CW Skimmer to an IQ stream. Even if you do not have a Flex, you still
might want to have a look at this screen shot:


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