[WriteLog] Contest Super Simulator Update

Dick Green WC1M wc1m73 at gmail.com
Thu May 30 02:36:56 EDT 2019

This version installs and seems to work fine, at least in WPX mode, except
for one very strange bug sending the exchange to a caller. Here's how the
exchange is programmed in message #10:

%C %B<<<<5NN>>>> >%3<%B<<<<5NN>>>> %

(I work all dupes, so I just send a longer version of the serial number to
them, figuring they don't copy so well.)

The bug is that if the station isn't a dupe, WL sends % 599, which is
backwards from how the non-dupe portion of the message is programmed. Should
be 599 %. But if the station is a dupe, it sends the message between the %Bs
in the correct order.

The exact same message works perfectly via the K1XM SO2R Box Utility and
YCCC SO2R Box for both non-dupes and dupes.

73, Dick WC1M

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From: Steve Woodruff <steve at n9oh.com> 
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Subject: [WriteLog] Contest Super Simulator Update

Hi Folks,

We've released a small update to the Contest Super Simulator.  The change
allows it to work without complaint on sound cards with more than 2 channels
in its default format.  You can read more about the CSS here:  


Also note that we've had to change our support ticketing system due to some
technical limitations with the old system.  The change should be transparent
to you and you can continue to send support requests to
support at writelog.com.  However, you'll often find the answer to your
questions in the manual or get faster responses by posting a question here
on this mailing list! 


Steve N9OH & Wayne  W5XD

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