[WriteLog] WriteLog not sending CW

Rich rwnewbould at comcast.net
Tue Jan 4 18:34:43 EST 2022

Not sure that this can cause your issue, but do you have PC Generates 
selected as CW Keyer under WL Ports?


On 1/4/2022 17:29 PM, Scot, K9JY wrote:
> Well, this is weird. I have a new Icom 7300 and a Rig Expert attached to it. In WriteLog Port settings, I have CW set to send on Port 3 with RTS.
> The thing is…it transmits fine. It just transmits dits, no dahs.
> Sending 5NN results in 5SS – all dits. I’ve gone through 5,000 settings on the computer and WriteLog and can’t figure out why it just sends dits…
> Any ideas?
> 73...Scot, K9JY
> https://k9jy.com
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