[WriteLog] Newfoundland/Labrador in RTTY RU

Keith Beebe W3KB keith at w3kb.net
Wed Jan 12 11:06:49 EST 2022


This has been corrected. This is NOT a Writelog or Contest Module issue.

The issue was VO1CH in Newfoundland was signing NL  (which is a Section)....he should have been signing NF as the Canadian Province.

I was the one who told him about it.  We have both communicated with ARRL about it.

VO1CH admitted the mistake and ARRL has been notified and will correct the logs.

Bottom Line:  You enter NF in Writelog for the contact and it will accept it as the Multiplier. That is what I did.  ARRL will accept it because the VO1CH log will be corrected.

Keith W3KB

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I am not sure if this is a WL issue or a Contest Module issue.

I worked a Newfoundland/Labrator station they sent NL which as far as I know the current ARRL designation.

I could not save the QSO when I entered NL.   I see that the RU module shows Newfoundland (NF) and Labrador (LB) as separate Provinces.   I believe they are now combined into one.


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