[WriteLog] New WriteLog Prefill File: CQ 160M CW Contest

k0cf-Craig k0cf.craig at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 09:33:21 EST 2022

I have generated a WriteLog ADIF prefill file for the
following contest:
   CQ 160M CW Contest

You may download WriteLog prefill files from my club
website, the Eastern Iowa DX Association. This link takes
you directly to the Prefill section:
     < https://tinyurl.com/WLprefills >
What you will download is a zip file containing the ADIF
prefill file, which has the file extension ".adi".

(The data source for all prefill files is the N1MM+ Call
History website. I convert their files to ADIF. Send any
data corrections direct to ve2fk at arrl.net.)

After unzipping the ADIF file, start WriteLog and open or
create a log file for the selected contest. Then open the
WriteLog "Tools" menu and select “Preset Exchange from ADI
file…”, browse to the location of your ADIF file and load
it. To test it, type a callsign from the ADIF file into
the callsign field, press "space" or "tab" to leave that
field upon which the received exchange field(s) should
automatically fill with data from the prefill file.

Note that you can examine the .ADI file with any common
text editor, such as Notepad.

As always, the accuracy of the data in these files cannot
be guaranteed; treat it as a "suggestion" and be sure to
log what your QSO partner sends!

Craig, K0CF

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