[WriteLog] 5B4AGN BPF Group Buy

William Liporace wc2l at wc2l.com
Tue Jul 26 11:15:08 EDT 2022

*Excuse the band width,

*I'm am working closely with Bob, 5B4AGN to see whether a further group 
buy for both the multi-band unit and single band units might prove 
viable. Expressions of interest currently stand at 28 multi-band units 
and 49 single band.  It appears we will need to reach 50 for the 
multi-band unit and 100 for the singles if costs are to be reasonably 

/*In earlier buys, numbers were boosted to EOQ levels by the work early 
list members did in spreading the word among their pals.  If you're 
already on my list and hope to see the project achieve critical mass 
perhaps you can help by similarly spreading the word.*/
/*We are trying hard to constrain costs such that the final tally will 
be similar to earlier runs.  You will, I am sure, readily understand the 
challenges this presents given the current pressure on supply lines and 
the constraints the whole of the electronic industry is facing.  We are 
doing our best on this and will advise actual costs as soon as they can 
be nailed down.*/
/*My list, at this stage, recognizes expressions of interest only.  
Commitment to purchase or not will be required only once costs are fully 
understood.  A copy of my current list has been uploaded to the files 
area of *//*TXBPF at groups.io | Home <https://groups.io/g/TXBPF>. Should 
you wish to be added to the list or removed/amended please email me off 
list to let me know.*/
/*Let's see if we can get this show on the road.*/
/*Will WC2L */

William Liporace WC2L
http://www.wc2l.com  orhttp://dxc.wc2l.com
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