[WriteLog] IC-9700 Connection via USB Times out in about 10 seconds

Jay ws7ik7tj at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 18:41:08 EDT 2022

When you first go into Writelog on the right hand side you can EXPORT 
the INI file.

Two things.

1. The USB Cable must be very short -- this is an Icom problem.
2. In the [RIGS] section
Com3:=19200,n,8,2                 Com port that you are using BUT 2 Stop 

On 9/8/2022 3:03 PM, k3sk at buckwalter.co wrote:
> HELP !!!   VHF Contest is only 1-1/2 days away and I can't get my IC-9700 to
> stay connected to Writelog.    I had version 12.6 and it wouldn't work, so I
> purchased the latest (v12.66) and it still don't work.
> When I configure the port settings in WL it connects, and the radio's
> frequency and mode are displayed at the QSO entry window and follow manual
> radio tuning as it should.  But after about 10 seconds, the QSO Entry window
> changes to "No Rig".   I've tried several different baud rates with no
> difference in the issue.
> The radio is set to the default address, A2H and I don't see where I can
> check or change that in WL.
> de K3SK FM07

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