[WriteLog] FKeys utility update.

Keith Regli keith at kregli.com
Wed Sep 14 12:02:54 EDT 2022

It's been 23 years since I wrote the FKeys utility and it has fallen behind
the evolution of WriteLog.  I decided that it would be too hard to update
the old code, so I've re-written it to take advantage of the improvements
to WriteLog.  It looks a little bit different, but I think it covers almost
everything the old version did and does it better.  I don't have the
facilities to check it out in all conditions, so there may be some
surprises out there.  If you use the old FKeys, save it for now, but give
the new one a look.  It can be downloaded from http://www.kregli.com/.  Let
me know if you see problems or have suggestions.  Thanks.  Keith (K7KAR)
keith at kregli.com.

Keith Regli (K7KAR)

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