[WriteLog] IC-7610 audio recording via USB not working

Dave N6NZ n6nz at arrl.net
Sun Sep 25 15:33:51 EDT 2022

I am trying to revive my lash-up with IC-7610 and Writelog 12.60c (yeah, haven’t updated in a while).. anyway I have everything perking again for SO2V and it all seems to be going OK except for the life of me I can not get audio recording over the USB interface to show up.  The ICOM audio device doesn’t seem to show up as a USB audio device for Windows 10, nor for the Writelog mixer, and the “choose devices..” button is grayed out in the recording setup dialog.  So this really smells like some kind of underlying Windows problem.  Win10 is up to date, and I de-installed and re-installed the ICOM USB driver.  What should i look at next?

The last time this particular computer/radio combo was in use was for RTTY RU earlier this year, so obviously the audio made it to the windows machine for that contest or RTTY decode would have been….. suboptimal.

Thanks & 73,
Dave N6NZ

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